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BVE-3000RCX Temperature measuring, Walkthrough Detector
Brief Introduction

CETC BVE-3000RCX Intelligent Temperature Measurement Walk Through Metal Detector integrate with thermal imaging, metal detection and AI face recognition technology. Before passengers’ walking through the security checking gate, it could do rapid measurement on passengers’ head temperature and prompt sound and light alarm when the detected temperature higher than the preset value. At the same time, it could automatically snapshot the passengers’ face, lock the ones whose body temperature is abnormal. When passengers walking through the gate, it will alarm for multiple metal objects the passengers carrying on and pinpoint the metal locations through lights. This system could effectively helping epidemic prevention and safeguarding public security.

Product Feature:

• Auto-locking of passengers’ face to avoid false alarm;

• Intelligent body temperature measuring to prevent lost alarm;

• Snapshot abnormal body temperature and alarm automatically;

• Multiple detection zones with high-brightness LED indicator lights, pinpointing hidden location of contraband goods;

• Unique detection zones sensitivity adjustment display, fast, direct and accurate; 

• Strong anti-mechanical/ electromagnetic interference ability; could adapt into complex working environments;

•  High detection speed could meet the security checking situation in many places with high throughput;

•  Color liquid crystal display menu, easy to operate;

• The cable locates in the bottom of the walk through metal detector, cable alignment is safe and convenient.

The BVE-3000RCX is an advanced body temperature-measuring, face-recognition functional walk-through metal detector for screening passengers, visitors whether the passenger get fever or not and is there any threats like guns, knives, explosives devices, etc. they bring with. BVE-3000RCX is an ideal security checking solution for various installations like:
Public transportation operations, Schools, Embassy, Stadiums, Government Buildings, Power Plants, Airports, Customs, Special Events, Military Bases, Army, Law Enforcement, Courts, Prisons, Banks, Night Clubs, Entertainment Venues, Factories, Critical Infrastructures or wherever body temperature-measuring and security solution is required.


Basic Parameters

System Detection

Automatic system detection when powering on

NETD (Temperature Sensitivity)


FOV (View Angle)

28° X 21°

Function Menu Display

Liquid crystal display function (Chinese/English)

System Working Mode


Environment Interference Monitoring

Liquid crystal display show current environment interference in real time, so as to select working frequency or re-select installation environment.

Remote Controller


Detection Zones

8 detection zones

Detection Alarm Mode

Multiple zones detection alarm accurately in real time

Alarm Indication

High brightness LED lights multiple alarm indication

Zone Sensitivity Calibration Indication

When a detection zone sensitivity need to be calibrated separately, the system will show the current calibration detection zone location automatically. It makes the operator know whether is it necessary to calibrate detection zone immediately and easy to calibrate the sensitivity level

History Recording Querying

Could querying history recording at any time

Other Functions

Factory Default Setting, System Registration, Password Protection and Powering on system automatic

Exterior Size

2230mm(H)X 820mm(W)X 500mm(D)

Interior Size

1990mm(H)X 700mm(W)X 500mm(D)