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Beijing Vacuum Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (BVE) would like to provide all kinds of security solutions of various security checking use x-ray generator tube, linear ion accelerator, container scanning system,  vehicle scanning system, x-ray baggage scanner, human body security checking system as well as explosives, narcotics & liquid detector etc to our end users from all kinds of security application places including but not limited: Customs& Borders, Civil Aviation, Prison, Port, Critical Infrastructure and Rail/Metro systems..

The company always insists on the combination of “Customer First, Innovation Driving”, we would like to promote the development of technology& industry together with worldwide partners and meet, beyond the expectation of the clients with our state-of-art products and reliable, good quality intelligent security solutions.

We provide on-line training service to our global partners, distributors as well as end users, so as to faciliate the installation, system operation as well as efficient timely maintenance to our worldwide CETC intelligent security solutions' users.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any requirement of on-line training service need, for arranging our professional engineers' training course.