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Beijing Vacuum Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., as a total security solution provider, aims to supply various security solutions for various applications.

For critical infrastructures, the company has various solution choices for entrances for clients like Airports, Bridges, Military Bases, Oil& gas plants, Power Plants etc.

BVE currently main security business covers container scanning system, vehicle scanning system, x-ray baggage scanner, human body security checking system as well as explosives, narcotics & liquid detector etc could combines many optional combination solutions for various targeting application sites.


BVE-6000G: Vehicle X-ray Scanner designed for scanning containers on the trucks etc.

BVE-300: Vehicle Scanner designed for scanning small and middle-sized vehicles, vans etc.

BVE-4000(B03 pro): Terahertz Human Body Scanner designed for passengers security checking without any radiations and safe for all kinds of passengers including pregnant women and children.

BVE-100100D: Dual generator, dual view x ray luggage security inspection system designed for checking the luggage passengers bring with.

BVE-EXD001: Explosives& Narcotics detector dual mode designed for detecting explosives and narcotics on the passengers or their belongings.

BVE-HLD200: Liquid detector designed for detecting the dangerous liquids passengers bring with.

BVE-HD20: Regular Hand-held metal detector designed for searching metal threats like: knives, guns, explosive devices on passengers.