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Beijing Vacuum Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (BVE) is affiliated to 12th research institute of CETC (China Electronics Technology Corporation); located in Beijing, China, with the manufacturing base in Zhejiang as well as global trade and marketing office in Shanghai.

The institute and company achieved great success on core electronic parts RD and manufacturing including China first security checking use x-ray generator tube in 1959, China first 10Mev linear ion accelerator in 1987, China first stationary wave accelerator in 1988, China first industry-use bi-focus nondestructive x ray tube in 1988, China first computer controlled micro cancer-curing equipment in 1990, China first 20Mev stationary wave accelerator tube in 2000, Medical-use DR imaging x ray tube etc. In 2019, the company participated into the national vehicle x-ray security inspection system industry technical requirement.

BVE currently main security business covers container scanning system, vehicle scanning system, x-ray baggage scanner, human body security checking system as well as explosives, narcotics & liquid detector etc. New technologies and new achievements are being created with whole BVE members' hard working.