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BVE-WD24 Walk-through Metal Detector
Brief Introduction

The BVE-WD24 is an excellent walk through metal detector with superior performance. The equipment is our new product combining new technology and advanced craftsmanship.

BVE-WD24 has high detection sensitivity to both magnetic metal and non-magnetic metal. It has high identification ability towards many personal metal objects like coins, keys etc. Multiple coil receiver& sending design and high-brightness indicator lights could pinpoint the metal objects’ horizontal location; could enable security staff identify quickly and achieve ideal security checking in short time.

Product Features:
• High detection accuracy rate;

• Self-diagnosis programme inside, self-checking after powering-on, multiple-language for choice, system automatic awakening;

• Flying object detectable;

• DSP high-integrated digital processing technology, no need tools to calibrate, more stable performance, more convenient after-sales service;

• 24 detection zones, each zone could set sensitivity separately;

• 300 levels sensitivity calibration;

• Color liquid crystal display with high brightness, self-diagnosis display function when powering on;

• 30 presetting detection programme inside;

• 100 working frequency for choice;

•  Background environment interference monitoring in real time.

The BVE-WD24 is an advanced walk-through metal detector for screening passengers, visitors whether is there any threats like guns, knives, explosives devices, etc. they bring with. BVE-WD24 is an ideal security checking solution for various installations like: Public transportation operations, Schools, Embassy, Stadiums, Government Buildings, Power Plants, Airports, Customs, Special Events, Military Bases, Army, Law Enforcement, Courts, Prisons, Banks, Night Clubs, Entertainment Venues, Factories, Critical Infrastructures or wherever high security and total security solution is required.


 Basic Parameters

Metal detectable

Magnetic, nonmagnetic and alloy metal;


Color liquid crystal display; background environment interference             signal display;

Self-diagnosis when powering on, fault display, all control information and setting could operate on the choice menu and control board;


300 levels adjustable sensitivity level for each separate zone;

Detection zones

24 zones evenly distributed with no blind area with 0-300 sensitivity level range for separate setting; pinpointing hidden location of contraband goods.

Environment Interference

DSP digital signal processing technology; scan the mechanical and magnetic interference automatically and high anti-interference ability; adapt into working environment automatically; could prevent false alarm caused by gate shaking

Working Frequency

Up to 100 working frequency; anti-interference distance about 50cm between two sets walk through metal detectors

Detection Standard               Program

30 security checking standard program for choice; easy to use and all parameters could be set and revised at need


  Up to 100 people per minute , the system could enter into power-saving mode when the system dont work in 5 minutes; once there is any object coming in, the system will be awaken to work mode automatically.

Sound setting

20 levels sound volume adjustable and 16 alarm sound tones                adjustable.

People Counting                    Recording

More intelligent throughput and alarm counter; automatically display and record alarm number and people number in & out.

Password Protection

Password protection for authorized operator only, higher security level.

History Recording       Querying

100000 big recording capability for convenient querying. Could querying history recording at any time

Health Safety

No harm to people with heart pacemaker, pregnant

Working temperature

-20 - 50

Power Supply

AC85-246V / 47.5-60Hz

Power Consumption


Interior Size

2000mm(H) X 700mm(W) X 550mm(D)


About 65 KG