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BVE-G3910 Vehicle Radiation Monitoring System
Brief Introduction

The BVE-G3910 Vehicle Radiation Monitoring System is a modern, intelligent and cost-effective radioactive material detection system which is designed to detect radiation from moving containers, trucks, cars and pedestrians. Based on high sensitivity, fast response, automatic data storage and snapshot technology, it is widely used in customs, borders, ports, metal smelting enterprises and recycling industry.

Product features:

• Large area plastic scintillator detector, volume 25/50 liters for choice;

• Modular design detector, 2 or 4 detectors for normal, non-detection side has lead shielding;

• Real-time display the vehicle passive, alarm information and locate the radioactive sources in imaging mode;

• High performance 3He scintillator neutron detector is optional;

• Intelligent design: Could deploy multiple points to realize wireless radiation monitoring network, remote alarm as well as optional text message alarm;

• Plenty of configuration interfaces: Convenient for future functions expansion;

• Strong integration ability: Could expand more modular functions, like: Online nuclear identification, container plate recognition, automatic vehicle entry control as well as integrated with CETC vehicle scanning system. Could achieve most security checking goals combining with the application of CETC vehicle scanner, CETC x-ray baggage scanner, CETC x ray luggage scanner, x ray cargo scanner and walk-through metal detector, terahertz human body detector etc. to combine a security solution to various application sites.

BVE-G3910 Vehicle Radiation Monitoring System is a high-tech vehicle radiation monitoring system to monitor and control radiation material spread, specially designed to meet the needs and applications of Important borders, Airports, Customs, Nuclear factory, Nuclear infrastructure, Nuclear power plant, Hospital, Military, Disease control department or wherever radiation material shall be monitored and controlled and total security solution is required.


 Basic Parameters

   Monitoring area

Height: 0.1m~4.5m; Width: 5m~6m (Dual Detectors)

Energy range

Gamma: 20 Kev-3 MeV;     Neutron: 0.025eV~16MeV(Option)


An increase in 0.04μSv/h against the background level of 0.2μSv/h, alarm in less than 1 second; detection probability: 99.9%

False alarm rate


IP rating


Communication mode


Power supply

AC 220V+/-10%, 50Hz+/-10%

Working temperature

30°C to 50°C  


 95% (non-condensing)