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BVE-450 Vehicle Security Inspection System
Brief Introduction

450 portal type vehicle security inspection system is used for various sized vehicles including small and medium-sized vehicle, truck, container security checking. BVE-450 drive-through, portal truck/container x-ray security inspection system applies x-ray scanning, imaging technology to acquire images of different density substances inside the container, so as to realize the scanning & imaging inspection of the container.  It can effectively identify the contraband goods hidden in the trunk, container interlayer, etc.

The driver drives the vehicle directly through the scanning channel at a speed of less than 15 km/h and the system automatically avoid to scan the cab, which realize quick check without unpacking the container. And it is 100% safe for people. The system function of automatic operation and fast passing, which can reduce the need for manual inspection. The scanning process is simple and it avoids traffic congestion.

BVE-450 has the features of high efficiency, intelligent operation and high safety etc. This system could be widely used in security checkpoints, logistics, transportation hubs, vegetables transportation highway Green Channel checking and other inspection fields.


•  High Efficiency: High pass rate meeting various end users’ requirement.

•  High Accuracy: Strong penetration, clear image, high accuracy, could solve the problem of error and low efficiency during manual inspection.

•  Intelligent: One-key start, scanning automatically, AI intelligent image discrimination. If the hazardous article or suspicious are found in the scanning, the system will alarm automatically.

• Safety: Automatically avoid scanning the cab; complete radiation protection; industry-leading radiation protection level; security check is safe for people.

•  Customization: We provide customized design service for Vehicle inspection system.

BVE-450 drive-through vehicle scanner is an efficient, essential security inspection system for various critical places like: important government agencies, border, prisons, customs, military bases, key sections etc..


 Basic Parameters

Tunnel Size

 3.8(W) x 4.8(H) [m]

Max vehicle size

 2.8 (W) x4.5(H) [m]  

 X-Ray Generator

Beam Direction

 From Side


 Hermetically sealed oil bath&100% 


For Vehicle Inspection System: Customized Design Provided!

With continual R&D of our products, CETC reserves the right to amend specifications without prior notice. Product pictures are for general reference.