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BVE-300 Vehicle Inspection System (Conveyor Type)
Brief Introduction

BVE-300 conveyor belt type vehicle transport security inspection system is used for small and medium-sized vehiclessecurity checking. 

By using the X-ray penetrating scanning, the system can identify contraband goods such as explosives, guns, knives and drugs, etc, which are hidden in cabin, the interior of the vehicle, engine compartment, chassis and other locations in the car. So that contraband goods cannot be hidden anywhere.

High Efficiency: High Speed Vehicle Transmission, High Speed Imaging, High Check Passing Rate.
Intelligent: Vehicle Auto Detection, Auto Checking, Auto Beam Out, Remote Control and Data Transmission.
Safety: Automatically transmission; the vehicle drive through Safety Check Zone to protect driver and worker from x-ray radiation.
Customization: We provide customized design service for Vehicle inspection system.

This system could be widely used in police security checkpoints, important goverment agencies,embasy,hotels,checkpoints,critical infrastructures, prisons, government building entrances, customs, border control, ports, transportation hubs, highway checkpoints and other inspection places.

 x ray conveyor belt type vehicle security inspection system- vehicle scanned images:

            BVE-300 conveyor belt type vehicle security system scanned vehicle Black/White Image

  BVE-300 conveyor belt type vehicle security system scanned vehicle Color Image

 Tailor various specs according to end users' expectations 

 X-Ray Generator

Beam Direction

 From Top to Bottom


 Hermetically sealed oil bath&100% 

For Vehicle Inspection System: Customized Design Provided!