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BVE-6000G Relocatable Cargo, Vehicle Inspection System
Brief Introduction

BVE-6000G vehicle security inspection system is used for trucks, containers and large vehicles’ security checking. It has many advantages like: high inspection  efficiency,  intelligent  operation,  safety  and  reliability and so on. It is an essential security inspection equipment for customs, ports, military bases and key sections. By using the X-ray penetrating scanning, the system can identify contrabands like weapon, explosives, drugs, contrabands etc. which are hidden in the interior of the trucks, containers, etc. So that contrabands can not be hidden anywhere. 

High Efficiency:High throughput, high-speed imaging.

Intelligent: The system could realize fast scanning driving through and has automatic alarm function when detecting threat items or suspicious objects.

       High Safety: Automatically avoid drivers’ cabin and realize 100% security checking.

With these features of high efficiency, intelligent operation and high safety etc. BVE-6000G could be widely used in customs, border control, ports, logistics, transportation hubs, highway checkpoints and other inspection fields.


 X-Ray Generator and Detector

 Linear Accelerator

 6/3 MeV and more options according to clients' expectation

 Beam Direction

 From Side


 L shape high-sensitivity detector

For Vehicle Inspection System: Customized Design Provided!