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BVE-300F Vehicle Scanner For Passenger Vehicle Security Inspection

Publisher: Time:2022-06-07 Hits:141
No Construction Required: BVE-300F Vehicle Scanner For Passenger Vehicle Security Inspection

In recent years, with the continuous growth of car ownership, various safety problems have become increasingly prominent. Some criminals use vehicles to transport contraband, which has posed a serious threat to public safety. Among them, passenger vehicles are easy to be used by criminals because of their wide use and large number.

Due to the complex structure of the car body and the crisscross of internal accessories, it is easy to be used by criminals to hide inflammable, explosive, controlled firearms and other prohibited items, which poses a serious threat to public safety. Therefore, how to check out the prohibited items hidden in the car? It has become an important part of the security inspection tasks of various countries.

It is time-consuming and laborious to only rely on human inspection, and it is difficult to meet the needs of mass inspection. In order to solve the problem of passenger vehicle security inspection, vacuum electronics comprehensively uses cutting-edge technologies such as X-ray technology and big data to realize all-round, all-weather and normalized automatic detection and early warning of transit personnel and vehicles, effectively filter various security risks and maintain social order.
Beijing Vacuum Electronic vehicle detection system series products, in order to quickly realize the intelligent security inspection system for vehicles that have passed the inspection, can collect vehicle license plate information collection and recognition, personnel face image information collection and recognition, vehicle chassis information collection, face image information comparison, vehicle license plate information comparison, vehicle interception and stop, vehicle guidance, abnormal data information alarm display, and effectively realize the human face, vehicle license plate, vehicle bottom, human Vehicle Association One car, one gear.

Combined with the application of security inspection schemes such as CETC Beijing Vacuum Electronic baggage security inspection system and personnel security detection system, Beijing vacuum electronic vehicle detection system series products comprehensively use advanced technologies such as machine identification, big data and system integration to truly realize all-round, all-weather, normalized automatic detection and effective early warning for vehicles and passengers.

The system working principle of BVE-200 conveyor/ drive through, BVE-300 conveyor /drive through, BVE-300F Flexible Vehicle Scanner series products is as follows:

The system is a top illuminated dual energy X-ray safety inspection system, which uses X-ray penetration scanning to obtain the internal image of the vehicle body, and can identify the contraband hidden in the interlayer, trunk, chassis and other positions without opening the door.

Program features:

Efficiency: the driver drives the vehicle through the scanning channel, the inspection pass rate can reach 200 vehicles / hour, 100% non unpacking inspection can be realized, and the traffic congestion caused by manual inspection can be solved

Intelligence: equipped with AI intelligent map judgment, it can automatically identify contraband

Safety: advanced radiation control technology is adopted to automatically avoid the driver's position and ensure the driver's health

Long term performance: equipped with self-sustaining system for working environment, which can operate for 24h in harsh environment

Flexibility: customized design services can be provided according to user scenarios

At present, with the continuous growth of economy and the continuous expansion of foreign exchanges, various important international summits, international forums, large sports events and large gatherings are frequent. The vehicle safety inspection system has become an important part of security work.

As an important part of CETC's public safety sector, Beijing Vacuum Electronic is committed to timely discovering potential safety hazards through a safe and effective inspection system to protect public safety. It is widely used in customs, border, important buildings, land ports, sports events, large-scale activities and other places where small vehicles need safety inspection.