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CETC BVE Supply Hangzhou Metro for Asian Games

Publisher: Time:2022-03-04 Hits:125

assisted the opening and operation of Hangzhou Metro Line 10 and Line 4

At 11:00 a.m. on February 21, the second phase of Hangzhou Metro Line 4 and the first section of line 10 were opened and put into operation, sounding the horn to fully welcome the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games.

 CETC Beijing Vacuum security products are used in the whole line of Hangzhou Metro Line 4 and line 10

The second phase of Hangzhou Metro Line 4 is about 26 kilometers long, with 15 stations. This time, a total of 246 items of CETC BVE Beijing Vacuum are provided, including 29 large channel X-ray luggage scanners, 29 desktop liquid detectors, 29 portable explosive detectors, 58 handheld metal detection equipment and explosion-proof products.


The first phase of Hangzhou Metro Line 10 has a total length of about 14 kilometers and 12 stations. This time, CETC BVE providea total of 489 items for Hangzhou Metro Line 10, including 24 units large channel X-ray baggage scanners/ detectors, 48 units handheld metal detection equipment, intelligent temperature measuring equipment and other security inspection products.


With less than 200 days left for the coming Hangzhou Asian Games, it’s our great pleasure to have this chance to join hands with Hangzhou Metro to contribute to the construction supporting infrastructure projects for the "Asian Games". As an important part of the public safety sector of CETC, Beijing Vacuum Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. will live up to its mission and escort the Hangzhou Asian Games.