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CETC Wisdom, Digital Empowerment|2021 CPSE

Publisher: Time:2022-01-05 Hits:59
On December 29, 2021, the four-day 18th China International Public Security Expo (hereinafter referred to as "CPSE Expo") came to a successful conclusion.
As an important part of the public security sector of CETC, Beijing Vacuum Electronic has appeared with all forward-looking products and solutions related to "public security" and "smart security". With the wisdom of CETC, it has enabled the construction of digital intelligence security inspection, which has attracted customers, partners and media friends to stop for experience.

Star Products, Eye-catching
In this exhibition, many BVE products were unveiled, focusing on a variety of security inspection products focusing on BVE-6550D intelligent x ray security inspection machine, BVE-450 channel type vehicle rapid security inspection system, BVE-6000P fixed portal type container security inspection system and intelligent security inspection management system, so as to fully show the innovation and continuous exploration of Beijing Vacuum Electronic in the field of security, enabling exhibitors experience the convenience of BVE products and the practicability of a full range of products from zero distance.

At the exhibition site, the excellent products of CETC Beijing Vacuum Electronic attracted the attention of many visitors. The crowd in front of the booth was surging, and many exhibitors from home and abroad gathered in front of the exhibits to experience consultation. In the process of communication, all customers showed strong interest in Beijing Vacuum Electronic(BVE) products.

AI Empowerment to Build an Integrated Intelligent Security Inspection Ecology

In this exhibition, CETC BVE also showed the security inspection ecosystem created by CETC intelligence. Through intelligent security inspection analyzer, x ray security inspection machine for baggage security screening, security inspection walkthrough metal detector door and various auxiliary products, it created an intelligent security inspection ecosystem integrating security inspection networking, intelligent identification and information integration.

According to market needs, customers' expectations, customized scene security inspection solutions are adopted to assist security inspectors to identify prohibited, restricted and dangerous goods in luggage and packages through artificial intelligence, so as to add a safety line of defense for front-line security inspection, reduce missed inspection and improve the detection rate of contraband at the same time.

At the same time, it can also gather the map judgment results and front-line data of security inspection to the security inspection information platform through the network, ensure the security inspection quality and improve the security inspection efficiency, realize the statistical analysis of security inspection data, and provide multi-dimensional report support and auxiliary decision-making for security inspection management.

At present, the system has been successfully applied to railways, subways, customs, hospitals, large-scale exhibitions and other places, opening a new mode of efficient, accurate and comprehensive security inspection.

Although the 2021 CPSE Expo has been postponed, it has now come to a perfect end. CETC Beijing Vacuum Electronic sincerely thank you for your support and attention. In the future, we will also adhere to our original intention, create professional products with professional technology, and provide users with truly safe, intelligent, professional and scientific products and Solutions.