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Technology Assist | CETC Build a Solid Defense Line For 4th CIIE

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Technology Assist | CETC Build a Solid Defense Line For 4th CIIE

The exhibition area is larger, the number of participating countries and enterprises is larger, and the products are richer... The 4th China International Import Expo (CIIE) was held in Shanghai from Nov. 5 to 10. Lu Weiping, deputy general manager of CETC, attended the opening ceremony.

To protect the expo opened as scheduled, CETC group provides a solid technical support to CIIE: provides the accurate weather forecast service, developed the fire rescue "major security platform", deployed the terahertz human security system, to build information technology security defense, for the fourth CIIE more brilliant, more influential.

Accurate and efficient, Providing Weather Forecast
The meteorological intelligent monitoring and forecasting platform built by CETC 14 can display and analyze a variety of meteorological data, and at the same time provide functions of one-click generation of meteorological decisions and multi-way rapid release.

During the exhibition, CETC 14 Shanghai R&D teams entered the 24-hour shift mode, fully guarantee the uninterrupted and stable operation of the system, provide accurate and timely refined weather forecast services and the whole process, all-weather and full coverage of the service guarantee.

Fire-fighting Sky-net Makes Protection Everywhere

Dz Technology Co., a subsidiary of CETC, assisted Shanghai Fire Rescue Corps to develop a "major security platform" for fire rescue for the CIIE. Through "one screen, one button and one network", it realized "multi-dimensional information perception, all-domain visual scheduling and linkage support for disposal".

Intelligent Security Solution Leave No Hidden Places For Dangerous Items
This year, to effectively deal with in the expo opening "flock" massive passenger flow, reduce the pressure of security, CETC terahertz security team set up specialized technical team, based on previous security experience, in the national convention center southeast northwest main entrance, deployed 29 sets of terahertz human security system, to provide forum guests out of contact security experience. The whole process of detection is safe and radiation-free, fast and non-stopover, which can effectively solve the problem of heavy traffic security check congestion, improve security check efficiency while building a "safety protection network", so that "danger" has no place to hide. This is also the 4th consecutive year that CETC Terahertz security solutions has guaranteed CIIE. Its our great pleasure that CETC could safeguard and assist the Shanghai CIIE show the splendor of the East.

The core of the intelligent human security check channel is the Terahertz human security check device. When the subject passes through the security check channel at a normal pace, the THZ human security check device can passively receive the THZ wave emitted by the human body, and make real-time video imaging. Combined with the artificial intelligence analysis technology of deep learning, the THZ human security check device can filter common daily safety items. So as to realize the detection and alarm of suspected dangerous goods carried outside the body. Compared with traditional security check, which mainly detects metal, terahertz security check can detect metal, liquid, colloid, ceramics and other types of contraband. The whole process is safe without radiation and fast without stopping, which can solve the problem of security congestion in the scene of heavy traffic security check and effectively improve security check efficiency. Suitable for subway, railway station, public security checkpoint, large venues and other scenes.


CETC Beijing Vacuum (BVE)s main security business covers a series of products in the three fields of human inspection, vehicle inspection and material inspection, from independent research and development of core devices to mass production of intelligent terminal security equipment. Including container inspection system, truck inspection system, small and medium-sized vehicle inspection system, x ray baggage scanner, X-ray luggage inspection system, the human body safety inspection system, explosives detector, gas detector, dangerous liquid detectors, radiation detectors, safety equipment such as explosion-proof ball (tank), to the depth development and the value of the security management platform, The company is committed to empower intelligent security, to provide customers with full life cycle products, solutions and services.