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CETC BVE Intelligent Security Solution Guarding Nantong Hospital

Publisher: Time:2021-11-05 Hits:86

In view of more and more harms, attacks happened in crowd place like hospital. CETC Beijing Vacuum Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Launched and designed an intelligent security screening solution for hospital and helped more and more hospitals solved security checking problem and prevented potential harms to visitors as well as the workers. Nantong University Affiliated Hospital recently ushered in a new change: all staff must go through a security check procedure before entering the hospital.

This is a smart medical security system created by Beijing Vacuum Electronic for the Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, integrating explosion-proof security, temperature detection, personnel control, data fusion, early warning analysis and other functions, which can simultaneously measure temperature and security.

In the process of putting into use, it takes just about 5 seconds for each hospitalized person, visitor to pass through the security check with their belongings, and scissors and other prohibited items are effectively detected on the security check site, eliminating the potential safety hazard in time.

By now, CETC Beijing Vacuum Electronic Co., Ltd.s intelligent medical security check solution has been fully recognized by the Affiliated Hospital of Nantong University, the First Affiliated Hospital of the Air Force, Tongren Hospital and many other hospitals, which effectively maintains the medical order and protects the personal safety of medical staff.

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