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Japan: 17 people injured on Tokyo subway line

Publisher: Time:2021-11-01 Hits:116

17 people were injured in an arson attack on a subway car in Tokyo on October 31, local time, NHK reported. According to reports, the incident happened in a train on the Jingwang Line, a man in his 20s suddenly slashed at passengers around him and set fire to the car. Surveillance footage from the scene showed passengers fleeing in other directions as the fire surged inside the train, with the train making an emergency stop and some jumping out of Windows onto the platform in an attempt to escape.

Japanese media say at least 17 people have been injured in a knife attack and arson on a Tokyo subway line. Police arrested a 24-year-old man who was wearing a costume similar to the Joker character from batman comics. Witnesses say the suspects sprayed clear liquid around the carriages and set them alight.

Dressed in a mock clown costume, Hattori smokes a 30cm knife with blood in one hand.

For preventing this kind of terrorism, Beijing Vacuum Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., as a total security solution provider, has a total security solution for public transportation places, aims to supply various security solutions for various applications.

BVE currently main security business covers container scanning system, vehicle scanning system, x-ray baggage scanner, human body security checking system as well as explosives, narcotics & liquid detector etc could combines many optional combination solutions for various targeting application sites.

For metro, subway stations, railway stations, bus stations, highway stations the company has various solution choices for entrances for end users.


BVE-6040D: Dual generator, dual view x ray baggage security inspection system designed for checking the baggage passengers bring with.

BVE-4000(B03 pro): Terahertz Human Body Scanner designed for passengers security checking without any radiations and safe for all kinds of passengers including pregnant women and children.

BVE-EXD001: Explosives& Narcotics detector dual mode designed for detecting explosives and narcotics on the passengers or their belongings.

BVE-HLD200: Liquid detector designed for detecting the dangerous liquids passengers bring.

BVE-HD20: Regular Hand-held metal detector designed for searching metal threats like: knives, guns, explosive devices on passengers.