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CETC BVE-200K Ore Grade X-ray Inspection System Released

Publisher: Time:2021-10-27 Hits:90

BVE-200K Ore grade X-ray inspection system adopts X-ray penetrating scanning mode, which can display the ore grade curve and grade value inspected in real time, and upload the ore grade data synchronously to the data management center. When the ore material conveyor belt stops or there is no ore material on the belt, the x ray generator will be switched off and the acquisition card stops collecting. The inspection system can be equipped with transmission device as option, used for laboratory ore quality detection. Also according to the needs of users, the inspection device is installed on the top of the belt conveyor of ore material transmission in the mine, and the quality of the ore transmitted on the spot is detected.


• High Efficiency: High-speed transmission, high-speed imaging, inspection speed could be 2 m/s.

• Intelligence: Automatic detection and displaying of ore content and grade during normal conveying.

• High Quality ImagingX ray scanning and imaging, have more clearer imaging displaying.
• High AccuracyHigh penetration ability, high accuracy, could avoid high error, low efficiency during manual inspection.

• Automatic OperationOne-key starting, realizing fully automation during whole inspection.


BVE-200K Ore grade X-ray inspection system is an efficient inspection system, an intelligent identification system of dual-energy x-ray transmission for ore. This dual-energy x ray scanner for ore can be applied to a wide range of ore types and can realize online real-time, rapid detection and identification, to meet the requirements of rapid identification of continuous block ore and mass pre-concentration and discarding. It can quickly and effectively detect the content grade of useful minerals in ore, it could be applied for various Mine fields, Quarries etc..

 Basic Parameters

Tunnel Size

 1.3(W) x 0.5(H) [m]

System Dimension

 5.5(L) x 1.6(W) x 1.3(H) [m]  

 X-Ray Generator

Beam Direction

 From Top to Bottom


 Hermetically sealed oil bath&100% 


For Ore grade X-ray Inspection System: Customized Design Provided!