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CETC Intelligent Baggage Scanner Supplied to Wuhu Metro

Publisher: Time:2021-09-06 Hits:155

 CETC Intelligent X Ray Baggage Scanners and Security Inspection Systems Been Supplied to Wuhu Metro


On 7th August 2021, Beijing Vacuum(BVE) supplied our intelligent x ray baggage scanner and security inspection systems to Wuhu, so as to safeguard the passengers and citizens of Wuhu City. Wuhu Rail Transit is an urban Rail Transit system serving Wuhu City, Anhui Province. Wuhu is the second city in Anhui province to build rail transit.


Once got the clients order notification, CETC BVE organized our resources and arranged production immediately according to the clients contract requirements. The successful production in time, the well-organized Factory Acceptance Test as well as the impressive QC strict quality control, caring package, shipment coordination won the end users’ great praise. After shipment, CETC BVE professional after-sales team completed our x ray baggage scanner and related security inspection systems’  installation, operation and maintenance training courses to the client.


CETC BVE will continue to research and develop more advanced intelligent security checking solutions of passengers’ body checking, handbag, baggage, luggage and vehicle checking and provide more intelligent, more satisfactory solutions to users not just from Metro/Public transportation systems, but also from other various industries.