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CETC Supplied Intelligent Security Solutions to Harbin Metro Line 2

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CETC Supplied High-tech Intelligent Security Checking Solutions to Harbin Metro

In June 2020, CETC was awarded by Harbin Metro to supply total intelligent security checking solutions to the end user for safeguarding passengers traveling through metro.
Harbin Metro Line 2 is the backbone Line of Harbin rail transit network from north to southeast. It runs 28.7 kilometers from Jiangbei University Town Station, through Harbin North Station, Harbin Ice and Snow World Station, Harbin Station, Harbin Museum Station and Provincial government Station to the meteorological station in Xiangfang District. There are 19 underground stations, 8 of which are transferred to Line 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8 respectively.The total investment is about 20.488 billion yuan.On the morning of May 12, 2021, the first phase of Harbin Metro Line 2 officially opened a three-month no-load trial operation, and it is expected to be officially put into operation by the end of 2021.

CETC successfully completed production, organized and accepted Factory Acceptance Test, then, delivered our whole security checking solutions including Teraherz human body scanner BVE-4000(B03Pro), dual x-ray generator dual view x ray baggage scanner BVE-6550D with AI Artificial Intelligent Threat Objects Automatic Identification and Alarm function, dual view dual x-ray generator x ray luggage scanner BVE-100100D with AI Artificial Intelligent Threat Objects Automatic Identification and Alarm function, explosives disposal ball BVE-FBQ and dispatched our technician support team to the end users place. Guiding a successful installation and commissioning of our whole security checking use solutions. With a satisfactory site acceptance test, our systems are safeguarding the Harbin Metro Line 2.

On September 19th, the opening ceremony of the first phase of Harbin Metro Line 2 was held, marking the beginning of the trial operation of the first underground transportation channel across the river in the alpine region of China, and the "cross" backbone network pattern of Bingcheng metro has taken shape.
The first phase of Harbin Metro Line 2 will start trial operation at 11:58 am on September 19, 2021.
As the first line network smart subway in China and one of the top 100 projects in Heilongjiang Province, the first phase of Harbin Metro Line 2 is the backbone project in Harbin rail transit network. The whole line is 28.7 kilometers long, with 19 stations in 18 sections, passing through many universities, scenic spots, commercial centers and transportation hubs in the city. It is the most convenient and efficient major transportation infrastructure connecting Jiangnan Urban area and Jiangbei New Area in Harbin, and will benefit more than 3 million people in hulan, Songbei, Daoli, Nangang and Xiangfang.
In order to guarantee the traffic efficiency of the Harbin metro line 2, improving passenger security experience, Beijing vacuum electronics for Harbin metro group to customize the wisdom of security solutions, through technologies such as artificial intelligence, Internet of things, big data, to solve the problem of low efficiency and poor bear passenger traditional security, increase security work efficiency,To achieve effective supervision and accurate traceability of prohibited items, passengers and security personnel.
It only takes 3 seconds for people to check in together.Intelligent X-ray security detector and Terahertz security detector cooperate to realize the simultaneous detection of people. When passengers pass X-ray scanning detection, they can pass through the Terahertz channel without feeling, which can quickly complete the detection of human carry-on items, effectively avoiding blind areas and improving security efficiency.
CETC Beijing Vacuum automatic uploading of device networking information and data.Through the construction of the network project of security inspection machines, the goal of "dynamic tracking, hidden dangers can be found, events can be warned, risks can be controlled and responsibilities can be traced" can be realized in the whole security inspection process.

CETC Beijing Vacuum Intelligent networking Security check videos are connected to the public security platform. A new networking mode is adopted to realize the unified access of various technical and defense terminals, improve the linkage control efficiency of the security and defense integration platform, and the cameras of on-site monitoring points (video collection points) are all connected to the public security platform, effectively ensuring the safe operation of subway.

With the official opening of Harbin Metro Line 2, a traffic artery that has shuttled between the two sides of songhua River and connected 19 characteristic stations in five districts for six years has also been able to meet the public.Beijing Vacuum Electronics is honored to be able to participate in this project as a supplier of security products and security solutions. We will live up to expectations, provide reliable support for the efficient operation of Harbin subway security and guarantee the travel safety of the masses of people.

CETC will continue to research and develop more advanced intelligent security checking solutions of passengers’ body checking, handbag, baggage, luggage and vehicle checking and provide more intelligent, more satisfactory solutions to users not just from Metro/Public transportation systems, but also from other various industries.