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2021 Work Hand in Hand to Build a Better Future!

Publisher:Mary Liu Time:2021-02-22 Hits:26

The company's main security inspection business covers a series of products in the field of human inspection, vehicle inspection and material inspection, with a total of more than 30 products.The main products include container inspection system, truck inspection system, small and medium-sized vehicle inspection system, X-ray safety inspection system, human safety inspection system, as well as explosive detector, drug detector, liquid detector and other security and prevention equipment.The company's series of case products, services and system case solutions have been successfully served in domestic and international customs, rail transit, railway, highway, postal service, prison, public security law, large-scale events and events and many other fields, and successfully completed the mission of security inspection, products and teams have been fully recognized and praised by customers.

CETC Beijing vacuum electronic technology Co., Ltd, kept up with the development of the times demand, developed the latest model of container inspection system, using independent research and development of X-ray linear accelerator, can greatly improve the detection speed, using intelligent AI the latest technology, built wisdom port, theproduct can support based on the depth of the convolutional neural network learning function, through constant training of neural network, the automatic update database, improve the accuracy of prohibited item identification;It can also support in-depth development of security information networking, information integration, paperless office and big data comprehensive calculation and other functional modules.