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BVE-HD200N Narcotics Detector
Brief Introduction

The BVE-HD200N is a portal narcotics trace detector, applying Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS) technology. This product is state-of-art detector with narcotics detection technology into one device, could identify the narcotics easily in the security inspection sites. It could ensure the safety of the environment and the working personnel and elevate the security checking efficiency


Product Features:

• High sensitivity: Could detect ng ~ pg narcotics;

• High detection speed: 2 ~ 10 seconds;

• Could set the sensitivity level: 3 sensitivity levels for choice and have warm boot and standby function;

• Having outer high efficient sampling device, wide sampling area and high efficiency;

• Strong environment adaptability: could work properly in high altitude region;

The BVE-HD200N is a superior hand-held narcotics detector for screening passengers, visitors whether is there any narcotics on them and their belongs. BVE-HD200N is an ideal security checking solution for various installations like: Public transportation operations, Schools, Embassy, Stadiums, Government Buildings, Power Plants, Airports, Customs, Special Events, Military Bases, Army, Law Enforcement, Courts, Prisons, Banks, Night Clubs, Entertainment Venues, Factories, Critical Infrastructures or wherever high security and total security solution is required.

 Basic Parameters


  Ion Mobility Spectrometry (IMS)

Narcotics Detectable

  MET, COC, HER, THC, MDMA, K powder, KET, MOP, DOL, LSD, EPH etc.

  Other samples could be added;


   Ng~ pg;

Warm-up Time

No more than 20 minutes; (5 minutes with hot start);

Analysis Time

2~ 10 seconds;


Color LCD touch screen;

Sampling Method

Sniffing and Wiping two methods; (using sniffer device and wiping device)

Alarm Method

Visual alarm and sound alarm or conceal alarm mode;

Calibration Method

Self-calibration or manual calibration

Data Transmission Method


Data Storage

More than 240000 original data;


Two rechargeable Li-ion batteries, could work more than 8 hours;

  Power Supply

AC 110/220V50/60HZDC 22.2V

Working temperature

-10 ~  55



Exterior Size

440mm (L) X 140 mm (W)X 150mm (H)


Less than  3.5 KG (including battery)