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BVE-7500M Mobile Container Scanner
Brief Introduction

BVE-7500M mobile type container security inspection system applies x-ray radiation imaging technology to acquire images of different density substances inside the container, so as to realize the scanning & imaging inspection of the container.  It can effectively identify the contraband hidden in the trunk, container interlayer, etc., such as weapons, explosives, drugs, smuggled goods, etc.

High Efficiency: High Pass rate under drive-through Mode and  mobile working mode;

Flexibility: Could move to different locations quickly and choose different scanning mode accordingly;

Adaptability:  Compact design, could work properly under extreme cold and hot environment;

High Accuracy: Strong Penetration, clear image, high accuracy, could solve the problem of big error and low efficiency in manual inspection.

Long Time Working: Could work 24 hours one day in all weather.

Using Betatron Electron cyclotron accelerator, BVE-7500M could realize turnaround independently. short time warming up is enough for operation. There are two modes (mobile mode, drive-through mode) which could be switched quickly according to the end users’ requirements. It has the features of flexibility, high efficiency and strong operation etc.

This system could be widely used in customs, border control, ports, transportation hubs, highway security checkpoints and other vehicle/ truck / cargo, container security inspection fields.


 X-Ray Generator and Detector

Electron Cyclotron Accelerator

 7.5/4 MeV or other specs available for end users' container/truck security checking field expectation

Beam Direction

 From Side


 L shape high-sensitivity detector

For Vehicle Inspection System: Customized Design Provided!