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BVE-MW001 CETC Active Millimeter Wave Body Scanner
Brief Introduction

The BVE-MW001 is a state-of-the-art personnel security screening system that using safe active millimeter wave(MMW) radio frequency technology. It could automatically detect the potentially dangerous objects hidden under clothing both metallic and non-metallic, such as liquids, plastics, ceramics, powders, rubber and bulk explosives. Concealed items are marked on a symbolic body graphic that effectively eliminate privacy concerns. This active millimeter wave human body scanner can be used for aviation threat detection, security at public events with a high potential threat and access control at security-related facilities.

The BVE-MW001 can be integrated with many other devices at the same time, such as ID information, facial images, the luggage X-ray images, AI technology, big data sharing platform, etc., forming a multidimensional comprehensive information security check system.

Product Features:

• Safe: Electromagnetic radiation is less than 1/1000 of a cell phone;

• High throughput: Single detection time less than 5s;

• Contactless: Non-invasive, respect the privacy ;

• Intelligent: Automatic recognition, no human assistance needed;

• Reliable: Detection of all types of suspicious objects; 

The BVE-MW001 active millimeter wave people screening system is an ideal security checking solution for various installations like:
Public transportation operations, Schools, Embassy, Stadiums, Government Buildings, Power Plants, Airports, Customs, Special Events, Military Bases, Army, Law Enforcement, Courts, Prisons, Banks, Night Clubs, Entertainment Venues, Factories, Critical Infrastructures or wherever body security solution is required.


Basic Parameters


Using active millimeter wave technology that pose no health and safety risks, three-dimensional holographic Imaging.


D 1.6m X H 2.6m

Temperature, Humidity Range

0-45, 0-85% RH


5mm x 5mm

Scanning Area

V 2m x H 1m

Single Scanning Time



 1.5 KW (Peak Value)

Detectable Items

Liquids, gels, rubber, wire, power, plastics, ceramics, sheet and bulk explosives, etc.

Privacy Protection

Symbolic images are presented on the user interface

Alarm Classification

Automatic Target Recognition


 65dB(A) @1m


500 KG