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BVE-100100D Dual View Luggage Scanner
Brief Introduction

The BVE-100100D is a dual x-ray generator, dual view x-ray security inspection system with tunnel size of 101 cm width by 100 cm height. It permits the inspection of the baggage from small parcels, checked in luggage to large cartons without any loss of X-ray image quality.

Operator training courses offered by CETC have a good reputation among the users and they are tailored and carried out individually for each customer.

As a reliable, trustworthy supplier of x-ray inspection systems, CETC provides an efficient, global service network working fast and reliably. 

BVE-100100D offers all the advantages of CETC technology, including high-quality imaging, superior user-friendly operator interface and networking capabilities. The state-of-art imaging technology, intelligent dangerous objects assist detection function is consistently fast, accurate and efficient screening and detection of weapons, narcotics, explosives, and other threats, smuggling and contraband goods.


• Safety: High level safety protection technology, complying applicable standards for health and safety of operators and the public.

• C-AD: Automatically detection and alarm of a wide range of explosives, narcotics in real time during the scanning process by clearly highlighting potential threats on the X-ray image.

• C-TIP: Threat Image Projection function with strong image library, providing a powerful solution for operator performance monitoring and training.

• Exclusive CETC Professional Material Discrimination Function: with 8 selectable imaging background colors for users.

• Customized Service provided: meeting various end users' requirements for special software and hardware expectations.

• High quality image with wire resolution of 40AWG and superior steel penetration ability.


The BVE-100100D dual view x-ray luggage scanner is an advanced dual view x-ray security inspection system for screening check-in Luggage, easy to operate, specially designed to meet the needs and applications of AirportsCustomsRailway Stations, Metro Stations, Carriers, Logistics, Parcel Service Providers, Military Base, Army or wherever high security and total security solution is required.


 Basic Parameters

Tunnel size

101(W) x 100(H) [cm]

Conveyor speed

   0.2 m/sOptional 0.2 to 0.4 m/s (adjustable)


40 AWG

Film safety

ISO1600 (33DIN)

Display monitor

2 sets 21.5’’ LED; other size optional

 X-Ray Generator

Beam Direction

  From Top and From Side (two generators)


L shape detector systems