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BVE-300HD Hand held Metal Detector
Brief Introduction

The BVE-300(HD) hand-held metal detector is a new product with super high sensitivity, high performance specially designed for high security level applications. Compared with traditional hand held metal detector, this device applies digital circuit design. It has many features: long-time, stable performance, strong anti-interference ability, no need to calibrate. The special design of its detection coil and more advanced programmable technology of sound, light and vibration alarm make BVE-300(HD) have higher sensitivity, more accurate alarm, more energy-saving and longer working time available.

The combination of high reliability and ergonomics philosophy make it different and superior streamline design. With nice appearance, easy operation, strong shockproof ability, BVE-300(HD) is an ideal product to detect out the weapons, explosives, knives and small metal objects.


Product Features:

• Digital design, strong anti-interference ability with advanced programming ability;

• Stable performance and don’t need periodic calibration;

• High sensitivity level (four levels for choice);

• Sound, Light, Vibration three alarm modes; 

• Superior streamline design, nice looking and elegant, comfortable handle design with skid resistance function;

• Easy to operate and convenient to use and transportation;

• Super-long working time and stand-by time, energy-saving, auto dormant function;

• Operator could judge the metal content of the detected object through sound and light alarm;

BVE-300(HD) is an ideal security checking solution for various installations like: Public transportation operations, Postal, Courier, Schools, Embassy, Stadiums, Government Buildings, Power Plants, Airports, Customs, Special Events, Military Bases, Army, Law Enforcement, Courts, Prisons, Banks, Night Clubs, Entertainment Venues, Factories, Critical Infrastructures or wherever security checking, total security solution is required.


 Basic Parameters

Alarm Mode

Vibration/Audible(sound)/Visual (Light)

Operator could judge the metal content of the detected object through sound and light alarm


  Low sensitivity level, normal sensitivity level, high sensitivity level and super high sensitivity level ( could detect single 12# stitching pin)


battery; could charger adaptor and charging, low-battery display)


Auto dormant, power off; will auto dormant within 2 minutes no use, will auto power off within 10 minutes no use; you could wake it up automatically once you press any button or make it close to metal object.

Working time

No less than 100 hours

Working Temperature

-25~ 60℃(Humidity: 0~95%)


   360 mm(L) * 82 mm(W)* 34 mm(H)


 250 g  

Package Box Size

425 mm*100 mm *55 mm