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BVE-HD400 Portable Trace Explosives Detector
Brief Introduction

The BVE-HD400 hand held type explosives detector (Portable trace explosives detector) is a kind of micro trace explosive detector with the core technology of fluorescence sensitive film prepared by single molecular layer chemical assembly of fluorescent conjugated polymer. The instrument can detect a variety of military and civil explosives or important explosive intermediates by detecting the change of fluorescence intensity when the film is stimulated. The instrument has two working modes of non-contact air extraction sampling and contact wiping sampling. It is easy to operate, easy to carry and does not contain radioactive source.

Product Features:

• Applying fluorecence quenching technology, no radiation source, easy to operator and passenger, no pollution to environment and will not be a source of danger due to lost or theft;

• High sensitivity, could detect out very small amount explosives, meeting various field high explosive sensitivity level;

• Quick response speed and very fast restore time for self-cleaning;

• Light weight design, easy to operate, could do detection once powering on and could do continuous detection;

• Intelligent alarm: With the unique hidden alarm mode of earphone, HD400 can effectively avoid the panic caused by the test results and ensure the personal safety of the test personnel to the maximum extent.;

• Easy working principle: could work with two modes, wipe and sniffer the air and judge whether the object have explosives or not;

• More durable and economy consumable material.

The BVE-HD400 is an advanced portable trace explosive detector for screening passengers, visitors whether is there any explosives on them and their belongs. BVE-HD400 is an ideal security checking solution for various installations like: Ports, Customs, Prisons, Borders, Airports, Public transportation operations, Schools, Embassy, Stadiums, Government Buildings, Power Plants, Special Events, Military Bases, Army, Law Enforcement, Courts, Prisons, Banks,  Entertainment Venues, Factories, Critical Infrastructures or wherever high security and total security solution is required.


 Basic Parameters


 Fluorecence quenching technology ; No radiation source

Explosives Detectable

 TNT, DNT, RDX, NG, PETN, TETRYL, NA, BP, HMX, NT,     MNT, TATP)、C4, Semtex etc.


   Around 0.1ng

Cold Start Time

No more than 30 seconds;

Analysis Time

Less than 5 seconds;

Recovery Time

Less than 10 seconds;

False Alarm Rate

No more than 1%;

Sampling Method

Sniffing and Wiping two methods;


3.0 inch industry level color display;

Working temperature

-10 ~  40


No more than 93%


Could store no less than 100000 test recording data and     export through USB;


Rechargeable battery, could work more than 8 hours one   time charging

Exterior Size

320mm (L) X 110 mm (W)X 65 mm (H)


About  1.2 KG (including battery)